AFC Trieven Twist and Shout MH 

AFC Trieven Twist and Shout, MH was the 3rd of our AKC FC/AFC who pointed, the first being FC-AFC Trieven Classic, who was his great grandam.  Like the others, he was a joy to hunt, and pointed solidly, without any whoa training whatsoever.  He had an exceptional nose, and would wind and point birds from 20-30 or more yards away.  He had tremendous intensity, was very precocious, and loved to learn.  He was through all of his basics, including the double T, by the time he was 8 months old.  Twist had Derby points and Qualifying placings, as well as earning his MH at a young age, passing his first Master Hunter test at 11 months.  It was during his Master Hunter testing that we found out he pointed.  The judge was a Springer guy, and set up a quartering test using pigeons.  Twist was the last dog to run, and he quartered great, as he usually did, and then "bam", he ran into the scent cone of the 1st bird he came to and locked up solid, leg up, tail up and all.  He held that point until I told him to "fetch it up", which he then did in style, was steady for the shot and made a perfect retrieve.  He did this on all 3 of the birds planted for him, and the judges and gunners had so much fun, we continued down the field and found all the birds other dogs hadn't found.  He pointed all of them.  He was not run extensively in field trials, just a few a year.  He needed a point and a half to make his FC.  His all age win came with him winning an 89 dog Open All Age.

Twist was always a house dog, and slept in our room every night up until the time of his death at 13+ years of age. We never got a chance to certify him, as the APLA was just getting started, and we really had no opportunity to do so.  Vince Retacco (founder of Tiger Mountain Kennels) came to a field trial to see Twist work with a sack of Bobwhite quail in his trunk, and he went and found a place he could plant them so we could hunt Twist. (Not exactly something I wanted to do just before the water blind in the Amateur!)  Vince was so impressed that he sent his great bitch "Jackie" to Twist for two outstanding litters.  He went on to sire many outstanding natural pointing Labradors, including three GMPRs.

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Trieven Twist and Shout

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