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Koda Brown

Certified Pointing Retriever

If you choose the natural progression for titling your dog in the American Pointing Labrador Association (you may start at any of the three levels), the Certified Pointing Retriever test (CPR) is the first step. It is designed to evaluate a combination of natural pointing ability and basic natural retrieving abilities, as well as basic trained behaviors (obedience and cooperation) in the upland field and in water retrieve disciplines. Land retrieving abilities are incorporated into the upland field at the CPR level. The CPR test is designed to give both the handler and the dog an introduction to the pointing Labrador Retriever's traits and training at a minimum level. For example, dogs may be brought to the line on lead, and held with a slip lead waiting for the judge's release. Some level of obedience is expected, and a lack of obedience and/or cooperation will result in a downgraded score.
There is no minimum age for dogs running this test.

The descriptions on this page general in nature. Please refer to the APLA Hunt Test rules for specifics required for the Certified Pointing Retriever title.

The Upland Series

The upland field will consist of approximately 3 to 5 acres of light to medium cover (as available). Three (3) chukar will be placed at random throughout the upland field. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed for the upland portion of the test. Multiple bird contacts are required if upland conditions permit. Each contact is an opportunity  for judges to evaluate the dog's performance. For a point to be considered, the dog must establish point on his or her own and remain on point for a minimum of five (5) seconds. The dog does not need to be steady to wing and shot, nor wait for the judge to release them to retrieve. All cleanly killed game must be retrieved to within one reasonable step of the handler. The entire body of work, point, search, control, as well as others, are considered in scoring in the upland series.

The Water Series

The dog is required to complete two (2) single marked water retrieves, and deliver to within one reasonable step (on dry land) of the handler. For the CPR test, the marks will be less than 50 yards, and both will be a "splash" in open water. As explained in the intro, the dog may be restrained with a slip lead, and only released upon instruction by the judge(s). 

Obtaining the CPR Title

The Certified Pointing Retriever "title" is obtained with two (2) successful test passes. Each pass is awarded a green CPR ribbon, with the second pass's ribbon having a "Title" ribbon attached. Once titled, the dog owner will receive a frame-able title certificate from the United Kennel Club (UKC).

What to Expect in a
Certified Pointing Retriever Test