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The Master/Grand Master Pointing Retriever 

If you choose the natural progression for titling your dog (you may start ant any of the three levels), the next step after CPR and APR, is the Master/Grand Master Pointing Retriever title (MPR/GMPR). The MPR/GMPR tests are the same, and successive passes elevates the title standing. The Master level test elevates all of the work to highest level of natural abilities and trained behavior. Cover conditions and distances are increased; concepts such as suction and/or cheaty entries may be used. Test setups are not intended to fail dogs, but rather test drive (desire), discipline, and cooperation. A water blind is introduced in the same setting as the marks. The land blind is also part of the mark set up. The MPR/GMPR test is meant to evaluate a dog’s natural abilities and requires strict attention to trained behaviors such as steadiness, control, and discipline, between the handler and the dog. Dogs may not be brought to the line on lead and are expected to remain at “heel” and be steady for the marks until released by the judge(s). Modest creeping will be permitted, but will result in a downgraded score. The handler may be asked to re-heel the dog and a “controlled break” may be assessed.

Again, the descriptions on this page are general in nature. Please refer to the APLA Hunt Test rules for specifics required for the Master/Grand Master Pointing Retriever title.

The Land Series

In the Master category land series, the dog will be expected to mark and retrieve a double mark, 100 yards maximum, as well as perform a blind land retrieve, 100 yards maximum, in the same area. The purpose is to judge the dog’s “marking” ability, and the dog is expected to mark the fall(s) and remember where they are. Handling is permitted if needed, however, on only one marks of the four marks (land or water). Retrieves shall be to hand.

The Water Series

The water series at the Master level is two water retrieves, double mark. The marks will be 100 yards maximum. The marks may be “splashes” in the water, or land on the land for retrieval after crossing the body of water. Retrieves shall be to hand. The water blind will also be at a maximum of 100 yards.

The Upland Series

The upland field shall consist of approximately 10 acres of varied cover (as available). Four (4) chukar are planted for each dog randomly throughout the field. A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed for the upland portion of the test. Multiple bird contacts are required as conditions permit. Each contact is an opportunity for judges to evaluate the dog’s performance. For a contact to be considered a “point”, the dog must clearly establish point and remain on point for ten (10) seconds. The dog must remain steady to wing and shot and not leave for the retrieve until released by the judge(s). All cleanly killed game must be retrieved to the handler’s hand. No dog at the master level shall catch or chase game in the upland field. An uncontrolled break, or two (2) controlled breaks results in failure in the upland field and in the retriever series at the Master/Grand Master level.

MPR to GMPR to 4xGMPR Titles

If you are running your dog in the natural progression of titles, having obtained your dog's APR title, the Master Pointing Retriever (MPR) title is achieved with one MPR test pass. If you have chosen to start your dog's APLA testing career at the MPR level, two test passes will be required for MPR title. As with each other level, each pass will be awarded a blue ribbon, the second of which has a "Title" ribbon attached. Upon titling, the dogs owner will receive a frame-able title certificate from the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Once an MPR title is achieved, the next MPR test pass earns a Grand Master Pointing Retriever title. A purple ribbon is awarded and a frame-able certificate will be sent to the dog's owner by the UKC. Each subsequent test pass earns a 0.5 (1/2). Each pass receives a purple ribbon, and each whole number step (2x, 3x, 4x) receives a frame-able title certificate from the UKC. The 4xGMPR pass earns a gold ribbon and a gold band.