Updated 2022 UKC Registration Policy for APLA Hunt Tests

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 8:47 PM | Anonymous

2022 UKC Registration Policy for APLA Hunt Tests

APLA Membership:

On the 11th of April, the Board of Directors convened to address the current issue of dogs required to be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the occasional difficulty in getting through the system in time to run the spring tests.  After a full evaluation of the situation, from single member perspective to the UKC itself, the Board arrived at the following procedure.  This will be undertaken this spring and evaluated over the calendar year 2022.

This is the process to which we agreed:

  • 1.      If someone applies for UKC registration but does not have the number prior to entering an APLA hunt test, they can use the single word “applied” in the UKC number field in Hunt Secretary and enter the test.
  • 2.      They will need to bring proof that they applied for UKC registration (picture of a receipt, copy of the receipt, etc.) to the hunt test or send the proof to the hunt test secretary prior to the test. If proof of applying is not provided prior to or on the day of the hunt test, the dog will not be allowed to compete.
  • 3.      At the hunt test when checking in, after receiving proof of applying, the hunt test secretary will give the handler printed instructions to send the UKC number when they receive it to the APLA secretary and hunt test manager. The email addresses will be included in the instructions.
  • 4.      If the dog passes the hunt test, the pass will be recorded on a spreadsheet and not entered in the database as a pass.
  • 5.      When the APLA secretary and hunt test manager receive the UKC registration number, the pass will be recorded in the database and removed from the spreadsheet.

We agreed to this process until Dec 31, 2022 and will re-evaluate at that time.

We discussed printing certificates because it is taking a long time for people to receive their certificates. Concerns about the APLA doing this are the expense and time involved to print and send them. Because we are now sending the test results every month to the UKC instead of once at the end of each hunt test season, the certificates may be sent in a timely manner. For the spring, we agreed to not send certificates in addition to the certificates from the UKC. If the time participants receive the certificates remains an issue, we will discuss in the fall whether we want to print and send certificates.

Therefore, from this publication forward, for anyone wishing to enter an American Pointing Labrador Test, the following steps shall be taken:

  • 1.      If the dog did not come with a litter registration number from the breeder, go online to the UKC registration site (https://www.ukcdogs.com/online-single-registration).  Keep the acknowledgement and send a copy to the hunt test secretary of the test you want to run.  Bring a copy with you to the test as well.  This will assure your ability to enter and run the test.
  • 2.      Once registration has been applied for and acknowledgment received, the test can be entered from the APLA website or otherwise huntsecretary.com.  There you will have to enter your dogs’ information and in the spot for registration number, enter that if you have it or use the word “applied” and your entry will be accepted.
  • 3.      Bring your paperwork with you to the test to assure your registration is counted and that you can run.  This way, once you receive your official UKC registration and send your number to the APLA, your dog will be awarded their title and it will be recorded with your dogs’ pedigree.

Important things to know:

  • 1.      You do not have to own a dog or register your dog to be an APLA member.
  • 2.      You must have a UKC registration on your dog to run APLA tests.
  • 3.      Since we are removing the problem with delay in UKC response, please do not call UKC to see how your registration is coming along, your submittal is adequate at this time.  They currently are experiencing significant staffing issues and often are not able to get back to everyone on a swift basis.
  • 4.      Send the evidence of application for registration to THE HUNT TEST SECRETARY OF THE TEST YOU PLAN TO RUN. That contact email will be made available on the test premium.  Also bring the picture or evidence with you when you check in at the test, so your dog is positively in the system and once registered, gets the appropriate title.

Julie Bates

President, American Pointing Labrador Association

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