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     April 9, 2022


   Blu Prairies Run Em Down Rigzey Meets APR CPR Cornstalker’s High Priest Eli



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  APR CPR Cornstalker’s High Priest Eli   


   Blu Prairie’s Run Em Down Rigzey  


  CERF LR EYE8571/22M-VPI Clear   


  CERF LR EYE22532/26F-VPI Normal   

Sire OFA

     OFA # LR-2189977G24M-VPI 


     OFA# LR-254231G24F-VPI

APLA Title

     APR CPR

APLA Title 2

Description. CPR, APR Cornstalker’s High Priest Eli meets Blu Prairies Run Em Down Rigzey

     Rigzey meets Eli is an all yellow litter expected around May 22, 2022. This is a first time breeding between 2 dogs that are both high driving brush busters. Their bloodlines are loaded with some of the top legends in the pointing retriever world. There are many GMPR, MH, SH and HOF dogs in this line. My goal when looking for the right dogs for this pairing was to produce dogs that would represent what a lab should look like, dogs with a strong natural point, crazy bird drive, and companions that will settle down with you at the end of the day to make a great addition to your family. These 2 certainly fit the bill. Their pups will check all of these boxes. I am very excited about this breeding as I think you will have to search hard to find 2 better looking representations of what a traditional labrador retriever should look like.

     Rigzey (Rigz) is a very athletic, muscular 60lb female that I bought out of Rock Solid Pointing Labs in Sioux Center, IA as a pup. They have been producing high quality pointing labs for the last 15 years. Her mother, Rock Solid’s “Lily” has been described as an “Athletic Freak of Nature” and I can honestly say that Rigz is following in her footsteps. This dog has the BIG motor that most hunters are looking for. She will go hard all day and then curl up on your feet or her favorite recliner for a well deserved nap. I have been told that she looks a lot like her father, 4X GMPR HRCH Cashman’s Touch ‘em All Kirby Nemitz MH QAA.  These dogs are “jacked”, say friends and my own children.  While listing all the greats in her pedigree would take up too much space here, some notables are:  4X GMPR Cashman’s Super Trooper, MH, GMPR Grits of Black Forest MH (HOF), CPR Minn Horse Hunt Club Thor (HOF), GMPR Wannamakers Hot Tub SH, GMPR High Sierra Kodi MH, GMPR MHR Sauk River Featherstorm and The Legend himself GMPR MHR Riks Risky Raider MH (HOF).  These are truly some of the top bloodlines in the pointing lab and hunt test world. Rigz came to us at 8 weeks old and was literally pointing pheasant wings in her first week.  If the darn bird will sit, she will point. I have flushed birds 15 ft away from her powerful nose. I noticed as a young pup that she went to her nose very quickly during our training sessions. It's on the ground as soon as we hit the field and you can hear her “snorting” as she quarters the field in search of the next bird. She has a great nose!! She ranges close and is very easy to control in the field. I think the thing that has impressed me most about Rigz is her drive, heart and determination. She just will not give up on a bird. If the bird hits the ground she will find it and get there in a hurry. “Man that dog gets on the bird fast” is a quote I have heard more than once.  The dog wants that bird right now so she can go find the next one. She is truly crazy about finding birds. I think my friends only let me hunt with them because of Rigz!! She has a great water entry and loves retrieving in the pond. While I'm not an avid duck hunter, she has retrieved the few I have shot over her with the same vigor as a running pheasant. She has been so easy to train due to her love of the retrieve. If you have something to throw, or even if she thinks you do, that is all she wants to do. She NEVER tires during our training. At the end of the day, we only get to hunt a few months out of the year so you also want a good, well behaved companion that loves to go anywhere with you. Rigz checks that box too. She has just been that great all around dog and my family loves her dearly.  She is certainly my little buddy.  


Eli is a gorgeous light yellow male out of Cornstalker Kennels in Sioux Center IA.  Both of Eli’s parents are well known in the pointing lab world and each have earned their 4X GMPR titles and his bloodline has excelled on all fronts: NAHRA, AKC and HRC hunt tests as well.  Eli is very muscular, lean, and has a nice broad chest and square head.  He weighs in at 78 lbs,  has a ton of drive and is simply crazy about birds.  Eli is a brush buster in the upland field and covers a ton of ground.  He will go hard all day long and go from quartering hard to stopping on a dime to point a bird.  He has one of the strongest, most intense natural points you will find in a pointing lab.  He simply loves the upland field!  He is fun to watch and does his upland and water work with much drive and excitement.  Eli is a good marker and has an incredible nose.  He will locate birds in the toughest of cover and conditions.  Eli is a family companion with a ton of personality and is a joy to have around and work with.  He has incredible drive, determination and enthusiasm, yet can shut it down when it's house and family time.  Eli will throw his good looks, black pigment, and point into his offspring.  He has recently been bred to a non pointing lab and yet has pups  that are still staunch pointers, some of those have already been titled in pointing lab tests. One of the breeders I spoke to about Eli mentioned how he loves how Eli throws his natural point into his pups.  He has also already sired a beautiful 4x GMPR retriever named Ryker. (Check out Testimonials on Cornstalker Kennels Web site.  Eli is an exceptional family dog and pointing lab.

Options. All yellow litter, Hip, eye guarantee Due around May 22 2022. Pictures and Pedigrees available 

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