A streamlined approach to registering your dog with UKC

Thursday, May 20, 2021 3:31 PM | Lily Lo (Administrator)



We’re sorry for the confusion and difficulties many of you have experienced in the UKC registration process.  The COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout have led to continued labor shortages at UKC, which have caused delays in the processing of dog registrations.  In an effort to streamline the process, we have created this handout to help you navigate the easiest path to getting your dog registered with UKC.

From now through July 15, 2021, APLA will continue to accept “PENDING” under the UKC number when you register to enter an APLA event on huntsecretary.com provided you send proof to the APLA Secretary that UKC has already received your on-line application for permanent registration but you have not yet received your UKC number.  If UKC has not acknowledged receipt of your application, you cannot write “PENDING” in the UKC number box on huntsecretary.com (if you do, any APLA passes or titles you earn may be deemed invalid).

After July 15th,anyone who wishes to run in an APLA event must either supply a TL number or a permanent UKC Single Registration number (begins with the letter “R”) on huntsecretary.com.  In order to do that, here are some suggestions:

If you are a breeder:

If you are a professional dog trainer with a dog that has been placed with you for campaigning at APLA events:

If you are a professional dog trainer with a dog whom the owner decides later to enter in an APLA event, or…

If you are an owner who decides to enter an APLA event and doesn’t yet have a UKC number:

Do a Litter Registration online as soon as the puppies are whelped.



All the puppies in your litter will have their UKC numbers when they are picked up by their new owners.  All the new owners must do to complete the process is fill out the Permanent Registration form you hand them (printed with a unique UKC number already issued) and mail it back to UKC along with a $24 fee.

COST:  $30 for the breeder if done between 0-6 months after whelping. $24 for the new owner to activate the Permanent Registration.

TIME FRAME:  The litter registrations are handled by a different department at UKC than the Single Registrations. Current turnaround is between 4-6 weeks.

Recommend that your client start the Single Registration process as soon as the dog is sent to you.

https://www.ukcdogs.com/single-registration, and scroll down the page to APLA Single Registration Application (PDF)


The dog will have a permanent UKC number already issued by the time it’s ready to be entered in a test. 

COST:  $25 per dog for up to 3 dogs

TIME FRAME:  Give UKC 8 weeks to process the registration. 


Apply for a TL and then you have an unlimited amount of time to later complete the Single Registration process.



Available 24/7 and allows a dog to be immediately eligible to enter an APLA event.  UKC will track the APLA passes/titles and automatically transfer them to the Single Registration as long as the TL number is listed on their Single Registration application.

COST:  $20.  Later, $25 for the Single Dog Registration

TIME FRAME:  immediate

If you have already applied for a Single Registration but then paid $20 for a TL so you could enter an APLA test, we encourage you to contact UKC directly to seek a refund of the TL fee, since you had already applied for a Single Registration.  APLA has no redress for this, as it is solely a UKC matter.  The APLA Secretary will be tracking the TL’s and contacting UKC for the permanent UKC number and will work with UKC to ensure that owners who had applied for a TL after applying for a permanent registration, will have their passes/titles transferred over.  If any owners see that their passes/titles did not transfer over after receiving their permanent UKC number, they should contact The APLA Secretary at [email protected].

For people new to APLA:  In order to enter a dog in any APLA event, both the dog's owner and the handler (if different) must be current APLA members.  To join, go to our website at www.americanpointinglab.com and scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand Menu to “Join Us.”  Memberships renew on January 1st of each year.  Dogs are required to be UKC registered in order to enter APLA events.

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