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Dates:  September 4, 5, 6, 2021 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Location:  K & L Kennels, Higginsville, MO

Cost:  $425.00

Entries:  Will be offered on HuntSecretary.com and will close 28 days prior to the start date of the Triple Crown Invitational (August 7, 2021).  NO WALKUPS will be permitted.

Scratches: Will only be for dogs in heat or dogs with an illness or injury.  A vet exam receipt will be required for any refund for the scratch. The refund will be the entry fee less $100.00 administration fee, for a total refund of $325.00.  LIFE-THREATENING MEDICAL CONDITION EXEMPTION:  If the handler has suffered a severe, life-threatening injury or illness and therefore cannot attend a test for which he has already registered, a refund may be considered contingent upon the APLA Treasurer’s receipt of a health care provider’s note attesting to the life-threatening nature of the handler’s medical condition and a review of the documentation by the entire APLA BOD.

Invitees:  All dogs who have met the qualifications to be invited to the 2021 Triple Crown will be notified by e-mail at the close of the qualifying season.  A list of qualifiers will also be maintained on the APLA website and updated periodically.

Qualifying:   Dogs that have qualified for the Triple Crown Invitational by earning their 4XGMPR title that year will have to requalify if they do not participate that year, regardless of whether they scratch or choose not to participate.

Dogs previously titled as 4XGMPR that qualified for the current year’s Triple Crown Invitational by earning 3 qualifying scores in that year, who entered the Triple Crown but scratched under the APLA scratch policy, will still be qualified for the following year.

Qualified dogs for the Triple Crown that do not participate in the qualifying year, will have to requalify each year.

Format:  Over a three-day period, dogs will be tested on an Upland hunt along with one of the following retriever series:  a Land Retrieving series; a Land and Water Retrieving series; and a Water Retrieving series.  Each retrieving series will include at least one blind.    

Over the three successive days, dogs will be scored on a noncompetitive basis in nine (9) categories. These categories are NOSE, COOPERATION, DESIRE, SEARCH, POINT, INTENSITY, STEADINESS TO WING AND SHOT, RETRIEVES (including LAND DOUBLE or TRIPLE, LAND-WATER DOUBLE or TRIPLE, and WATER DOUBLE or TRIPLE), LAND and WATER BLIND(s).

Testing will be scored on a noncompetitive basis on a zero to five (0 to 5) scale in one half (1/2) point increments in each of the nine (9) categories each day, over the 3-day series. Any dog scoring a 2.5 or lower in any category will fail immediately and will not be allowed to continue the test. A minimum total score of 38.5 out of the 45 possible points each day is required in order to be called back for the next series.

Rules:  Full Rules for the Triple Crown can be found on the APLA website, under Documents.


APLA will give out a Triple Crown Invitational Finalist ribbon for dogs that have earned a qualifying score. 

An additional award of a sterling silver plate will be given (shipped) with the year and location of the test engraved on it.  The plate would have only the following on it:  APLA logo, Triple Crown Invitational Finalist, Location, Year.

Judges:  Mike Bachkosky, Julie Knutson, Dale Merritt

Hunt Test Chair:   Dale Merritt

For more information:   Please contact Dale Merritt, Hunt Test Chair, 303-929-9971, [email protected]

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