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4xGMPR HRCH Baier's Mighty Paw Patrol Zuma


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4XGMPR HRCH Baier's Mighty Paw Patrol Zuma

Zuma is a complete package when looking for a chocolate pointing lab to use as a stud. In fact, he is an impressive package even with out being chocolate.

To start with what he is capable of in the field. As a retriever, he is an excellent marker that runs blinds as hard as he does a mark. He is an enthusiastic dog whether running drill work or live fliers. He flat loves to retrieve. He is the type of dog that if he sees a bumper laying on the ground he will pick it up and bring it to you, begging to train.

In the upland field he is a thing of grace and beauty. He will run big (how he is naturally) but will also stay tight when conditions warrant it. This past fall in APLA tests, one observer asked my why I wasn't running tournaments with him..... I said I had thought about it, he responded, "you need to do more than think about it." Another run as we left the field, the gunner ( a tournament hunter himself) who had watched the whole day told me, "If he had a little more hair he would be the perfect lab." I reminded him it was still summer, check back in January when he had his winter coat. Clear back to his Certified run as a 12 month old, Zuma turned heads in the upland, "That was impressive" was the quote leaving the field.

Zuma is the type of dog on wild birds you can have a great hunt watching him work hens and never shouldering the gun. His FIRST wild bird, he trailed for close to 200 yards before getting it circled back towards me where he pinned it down with a staunch point. He is so staunch in fact, last year I took pictures of his point on most of the birds we shot. One 3 hour stretch with quail last winter saw him with 18 points, I had decided not to shoot into that covey much, but man we had fun working them! He will hold as long as needed. And will maintain that standard for whoever is running him..... Last day of the season last year, I returned home from work noticing that my gun, and vest had been moved, and that Zuma was not where I left him. Turns out Dad had seen some birds while picking up bales and went and grabbed Zuma, my gun, and my vest from the garage. Zuma had pinnned the bird in the bottom of a ditch..... Dad almost complained that he had to go into flush the bird, and then it took him a minute to remember to release Zuma for the retrieve. Perfect bird manners for someone that had never put him on a bird alone before.

Combine all that with his being great with our kids and toddler in the house.

His pedigree speaks for itself. The son of 4XGMPR Grass Lake Greeley MH and 4xGMPR HRCH GMHR-I Baier's Lady Legacy MH, those two dogs alone speak volumes, combine that with Greeley being Sired by Stormin Norman and going back to a FCXNFC breeding on the bottom side, Greeley is what some would consider more of a field trial breeding. Lacy Is out of our own GMHRCH-II MPR Beamer and is currently the only living dog with master titles in AKC, HRC, NAHRA, and APLA. Zuma combines Lacy's intense desire to please with Greeley and Beamer's intense bird drive. It is hard to imagine a better blend of those two very important traits.

Looks, I always say no matter how great of a dog it is, I have to look at it 365 days a year. And Zuma is easy on the eyes. He has a classic Lab head without being overbuilt. He is an extremely athletic 68 pounds, with conformation that allows him to move with grace and ease. Not the Huge boned heavy built show dog, but not the grey hound build either, a nice moderate package that looks the way a lab should look. Search #zuma for more pictures of him.

Scout is a 55 pound hunting machine.  While hunting upland and waterfowl she is very intense.  She covers ground well and has a very natural point when hunting upland birds.  Scout is also used as a guide dog for upland birds in South Dakota.   After saying all that I feel Scout is just as good as a family dog as she is hunting and pointing Roosters!   Scout has an amazing OFF SWITCH!  

Scout is a very soft and caring dog with our young kids at home.   Scout lives in our house most of the time but also likes staying in the outside kennel.    She is a very easy keeper and is always trying to please you.  Scout is a well built female with a wider chest and blocky head.  Scout received her CPR title this spring in South Dakota. 

Scouts pedigree includes several 4X GMPR MH including Cashmans Touch em all Kirby, Riks Risky Raider, Mcnally's Right Stuff Ridley, Black Forrest Bear Grits, just to name a few.  This will be a Black and Yellow litter.  Pups will be Tri-Factored and be ready to go home mid to end of March.  Percfect time so they will be ready to rock next hunting season!!  $1,200 for females and $1,000   $300 deposit to hold your pick.  Contact Mike @ 913-787-4576 Or Nate @ 612-799-3486.  Pups are located in Dakota Dunes South Dakota.



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