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  • Monday, March 19, 2018 11:07 AM
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    What's everyone's opinion on chew toys for puppies between 8weeks - 6months old? 

    My 6 month old pup has a bad habit of shaking soft objects, such as birds. I was careful to only give him non-plush chew toys from the start such as kongs, nylabones, greenies and rawhides (not anymore). But at 3 months old he discovered clumps of grass in the yard from the mower and would take a mouthful and shake it. Since then he's been shaking soft objects. I have never played tug of war with him, and he does not have a biting issue nor chewing issue. He just likes to shake soft objects. 

    After seeing him destroy his first bird at 4months old I immediately stopped letting him retrieve freshly killed chukkars and moved to a bigger frozen mallard and that seemed to work. I also started using a dokken mallard and he has learned that shaking is a painful mistake. Unfortunately he still grabs dummies by the rope and tries to shake, as well as any clumps of grass he finds in the field including corn stalks. I will begin force fetch in a few weeks when his adult teeth are in place to finally address this issue. 

    Seems like even though I was careful in preventing hard-mouth, I was unsuccessful. Has anyone experienced this? Thoughts on preventing this with future puppies besides raking my yard to clear clumps of grass?

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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018 1:58 AM
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    Richard McCullough (Administrator)

    All my dogs older and puppies get chew toys, nyla type bones, etc. They are scattered all over the house and kennels.

    As for shaking, I just intervene and teach them not to shake by either saying no, or hold, yes even with the youngsters they get the idea.  I just did this to Windy and she is coming up on 5 months old and she has stopped shaking objects on the retrurn.

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