The American Pointing Lab Association (APLA) provides this list as a valued resource to the public. As these are private individuals and businesses the APLA can not endorse, recommend or promote them nor accepts responsibility for client-business contracts or relationships. To be on this list you must be a current member of the APLA & have an active website. Please e-mail Nate Hamblin at to be added to the list.  
(Updated 5/11/15)

Business / Website State Breeder / APLA Member
Advantage Pointing Labs Colorado Francis Owens
All Pointing Labs Colorado John Lindell
Antler Mountain Labradors Utah Jared Madsen
Bearpoint Kennel  Colorado Dale & Brenda Merritt
Black Forest Kennel Colorado Dale & Brenda Merritt
Black Ice Retrievers Illinois Chris Smith
Blackjack Kennels Kansas Jeff Ports
Cashman Kennels Minnesota Karen Cashman
Cedar Point Labs South Dakota Neal & Kathy Hoyme
Colorado Pointing Labs Colorado Barry Westerman
Cooperstown Kennels Wisconsin Justin VanDeHey
Cornstalker Kennels Iowa Lyle Schut
Delaware River Labradors New York Mike Bachkosky
East Harbor Gundogs Washington John & Nancy Farrow
Fox Red Pointing Labs Michigan Steve Nemethy
Golden Oak Kennels  South Dakota Brad Lhotak
Greenwing Kennel Michigan David Lloyd
High Caliber Labradors South Dakota Andy Schoeberl
Highpoint Labradors South Dakota Brad Donald
Holzinger Kennels Minnesota Terry Holzinger
Hunter's Rose Kennel Michigan Shaun Greene
Hunters Point Kennel Iowa Justin McGill
Iowa Pointing Labs Iowa Tim Galeazzi
KB Kennels Pointing Labs Colorado Kevin Eskim
Keystone Pointing Labs Oklahoma Mary Sunday-Smith
Lockdown Labs South Dakota Travis Strasser
Marble Mountain Kennels California Pete Morrill
NCK Pointing Labs Kansas Justin Poore
Northern Plains Retrievers Minnesota Wade & Julie Stottler
Northstar Pointing Labs Minnesota Troy Benson
Point 'IV' Performance Labs Colorado Martin Baca
Points South Labradors Arkansas Wendy Foster
Poudre River Gundogs Colorado Gary Buys
Radar Kennels Ohio Curt Williams
Reb Label Kennels South Dakota Scott Olson
Red Rooster Retrievers South Dakota Bryon Hahn
Riverswild Retrievers Michigan Catherine Burch
Sauk River Retrievers Minnesota David Mork
Shade Tree Kennels Washington Stephen & Julie Moore
Shooters Point Illinois Jeff Burks
Stealth Point Kennel Wyoming Bo Allen
Sweet Whislin Kennels Kansas Jason Minden
Swift Creek Labs Missouri Paul Swift
TGK's Nebraska Pointing Labs Nebraska Aaron Stover
Torg's Labs Minnesota Linda Torgerson
True Grit Pointing Labs Oklahoma Mike Biehler
Wandermere Pointing Labs Washington Greg McCowan
3 Ring Kennels  Kansas Josh Cochran

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